Didn’t take long to get a wave of spam from registering my contact details with WhoIs.  I remembered that Gmail allows for essentially infinite email addresses, because it: Ignores dots. myname@gmail.com is exactly the same as my.name@gmail.com, or my.na.me@gmail.com.  Ignores anything after a “plus” character. myname+anythinghere@gmail.com just goes to myname@gmail.com.  Both of the above are great for setting up simple spam filters, and were going to be my temporary approach. However, since 1&1 provides free private domain registration, I enabled that, which hides all my contact info. No more spam. Read More →

It’s been interesting learning about blogging options. Though I’ve had my own web hosting before, and ran sites based on Drupal and Joomla, I’ve never used WordPress and decided to start with a managed install to make my life (much) easier and remove the barriers to just getting started with content.  What options did I look at? Free, Shared, Dedicated and Managed. Free hosting – banner ads, limits on usage, must have ‘wordpress.com’, etc. Avoided this. Shared hosting – buying “normal” web hosting then installing a WordPress theme. More control and cheaper; however, you must manage and update all security patches and so on. WordPress is very popular, theRead More →