In my last update in April, I talked about the complete unknowability of the world’s financial situation. The stocks have been swinging up and down seemingly on a whim, and nothing seems safe anymore. 

I’m a year and half into my experiment of living off dividend income while on my sabbatical, so in this completely terrible time to try such a thing, how am I doing? While some of my funds have indeed suspended payouts, including Carnival Cruise Lines (go figure), I’m actually doing fine with others. 

I predicted back in January that I should be able to make $1,191 a month on average this year. In my previous update I was at $970/month, but mentioned that things would even out as the year went on. In fact, as of the end of September, I’m currently at $1,050/month

I’m pleased that even in a terrible year, it’s still been possible to get a decent cash flow from investments. December tends to be a large month for fund payouts, so I’ll have to wait and see where I end up overall for the year. 

I hope these updates are interesting for my friends following along and those who are curious about establishing passive income streams of their own. Please, if you have questions, leave a comment below or contact me. Thanks for reading.

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