2019 just rolled around, and I’ve been looking into the #vanlife and #rvlife movements. I’ve always been intrigued by the tiny house movement (though existing “accessory dwelling unit” [ADU] laws mean that most people have to mooch off friends/family or break the law to do it, unfortunately) and have been considering, if I took a gap year or more from full-time work, how I’d spend it. In addition to international travel, writing, and possibly some sweat equity on an investment property, I’d like to do some road travel. Bringing my retired parents along would really make that a fun way to spend time with family, and an RV seems like a good way to make that as comfortable as possible. It’s also a guaranteed place to stay no matter where I find myself; for example, if I reno a property for a couple of months, I have a place to live and all my tools in one spot.

I had no idea that there was such a huge community of RVers out there. Forums upon forums, and soooo many blogs. On top of that, there are opposite spectrums of participants: retirees doing it full-time on one end, and Gen-Z/millenials on the other end. Then there’s the Coke vs. Pepsi battle of Class A RV (a motorhome, like a rock star bus) or Fifth wheel/travel trailer tow-behind. The “single guy who wants to take his 70s year old parents on a fun road trip” seems to be an unaddressed niche, so maybe I should lock down MeMomandDadRVlife.com.

More to come on this as my research progresses. I do find myself disappointed by the vast majority of blogs I’m reading that are endorsing products for the commissions but largely just parroting what’s in the brochures, they don’t dig deep into the details and they seem afraid to bash bad products in case they lose future revenue.

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