I’ve been sheltering in place for a while now, spending more time at home than I usually do, and I’m running out of things to watch! It also occurred to me that unlike TV shows or movies, which I often discuss with friends, I rarely talk about what I’m watching on YouTube. Even among my closest friends, I really have no idea what they watch there. So I thought it’d be fun to take some time and address that in a video. Check it out and let me know what you think. Links to all the shows I mention are in the description of the video at YouTube.

Donating to the COVID-19 effort

If you’re looking for ways to give back during the lockdown and have the means, here are a couple of links to check out.

Donating personal protective equipment: There’s a long list of sites collecting here. Some are strictly taking donations from people who have masks, other sites are accepting monetary donations and trying to source them.

Donating blood: The American Red Cross has an severe shortage. If healthy and able, consider donating, more info here.

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